Grooming - A range of grooming products
Cactus Cloth3.99
Helps to bring dust in the horse's coat to the surface giving a much brighter sheen.
Plastic Curry Comb0.99
The plastic curry comb can be used to remove mud from winter coats but should not be used on clipped or fine coated horses.
Small Aluminium Comb0.99
Small Aluminium Comb
Large Aluminium Comb1.20
Large Aluminium Comb
Mane Comb1.20
Aluminium mane comb complete with wooden handle
Large Plastic Mane Comb0.50
Large Plastic Mane Comb
Main/Tail Brush3.50
Useful mane/tail brush with hardwearing plastic bristles and easy to hold handle.
Face Brush1.50
The Face Brush is made with 2.5cm long soft polypropylene bristles and is small enough to be used on the horses face. This Face Brush has a solid plastic back with finger groove and comes in three colours.
Body Wash Brush3.50
The Body Wash Brush is great for washing down sweaty horses and removing stable stains. This Brush has a solid plastic back with finger groove and also has a fabric strap to make it easier to hold. The bristles are 2.5cm long with a sponge in the centre that is 3cm high.
Body Brush3.50
The Body Brush is designed for brushing clipped horses or those with a fine coat. This soft polypropylene bristle Body Brush has a hard plastic back and fabric handle to help prevent the brush being dropped. The bristles are 2.5cm long.
Body Brush-Horse Hair5.50
This body brush is made from 3cm long horse hair meaning that in addition to be suitable for clipped horses an those with fine coats, its very soft and can help make the horse's coat really shine. This brush has a hard plastic back finger groove and fabric handle to make it easy to hold.
Body Brush - Pig Hair5.50
This Body Brush is made from 2cm long pig hair meaning that it can be used as an everyday body brush but it is also good for helping the horses coat to shine. The Brush has a hard plastic back with finger groove and a fabric strap to make it easy to hold.